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Light steel structure to create the most solid
The Green Fair at the meeting, there is a magic "cabins," it said construction on the building, said the move to move, speed is amazing. This "cabin" brought back a lot of people's curiosity.
A "cabin", appears to be built up by the reddish brown wood, European architectural style next to the Convention Center Hall B, like a hunter living in huts movie played. Soon, "chalet" was actually being taken away onto a lorry. "This is how it all about? How to say move a wooden ship will be able to move the car to go out?" A man who wants to visit a lot of doubts. Closer look was discovered that this is not the wooden huts built, but we called "board room."
It is the board room is not accurate, "chalet" named Strut integrated housing, also known as modular houses, it refers to the installation of production and housing construction from the traditional water, ash, sand, stone, handmade style extensive labor and wet job site production, factory production of different body and a residential component parts, on-site assembly and manufacture of the finished house. This occurs at the Convention Center is a cooperative project Strut integrated housing Liaoning Super Shuo Figure Code Technology Co. board green grass and Qinghai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., light steel integrated housing with anti-corrosion, saving energy, fire, separated sound, moisture and other characteristics. Basis of various parts and accessories through a reliable, secure connection, can withstand instantaneous 15 typhoon. Beams bolts, screws flexible connection, effectively absorb seismic energy, the overall quality of the light house, only 1/6 of conventional concrete housing quality, and therefore superior seismic performance of concrete houses. Some people think that the emergence of integrated housing that built into the housing by the manufacturer, is a major trend in the future development of the housing industry.

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