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Situation Analysis of China's construction steel industry
Construction of the steel industry is an emerging industry, construction steel and hot-rolled steel sheet refers to, cold-formed or welded sections (I-beam, H-shaped steel, pressure plate, etc.) by connecting pieces (bolts, high strength bolts, etc.) connected together to withstand the load, load transfer structure, with high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, short construction period, high degree of industrialization, less environmental pollution and other advantages. Structural features are overloaded, tall, large span, lightweight, high load-bearing capacity, set up convenient, commonly used in bridges, buildings, towers, gates and other works.
If the history of the steel structure of a cast iron bridge from 1779 the world's first, England Coalbrookdale bridge construction is completed, counting, there are already hundreds of years of history. In 1889, France's Eiffel Tower and Expo Design Machinery Hall is a milestone in the history of steel, "Eiffel Tower" for the elevated iron structure, tower 328m, "Machinery Hall" is an unprecedented large-span structure, length 420m year span of 115m, structured approach for the first time using the principles of three-hinged arch. Both buildings were set a world record at the time of construction, so that the whole world was shocked. 1931 Empire State Building was completed, 102 layer, high 381m; 1970 the then world's tallest building in New York World Trade Center is completed, high 410m; are significant historical impact on the steel structure of the building. Steel in the course of production, construction and after completion, the superior energy saving, environmental protection, security, and many other aspects of earthquake characteristics, consistent with the principles of sustainable human development. Therefore, as an emerging industry of steel construction sector, has been national attention, it was listed as one of the top ten new technologies Ministry of Construction.
Energy efficiency, without using conventional concrete steel, can significantly reduce cement, sand and other resource consumption, thereby significantly reducing fossil excavation, smelting and carbon emissions during transport; construction reduce weight to about 40 percent, saving about 30% of the underground pile; construction process without wood formwork and scaffolding, if its market share increased five percentage points, it can reduce the equivalent of 9,000 hectares of forest timber harvesting; site to the main assembly of the construction, the construction process can significantly reduce water use, and reduce construction site noise nuisance, waste water and dust pollution; reduce emissions of sand mining and construction waste; construction steel residential CO2 emissions of about 480kg / m, compared with traditional concrete carbon emissions 740.6kg / m reduced by more than 35%; CCA Light Filling wall with good self-insulation features for traditional brick insulation performance three times, dramatically reducing energy consumption; when building demolition, steel structure housing the main structural material recovery above 90%, reduce emissions than conventional concrete garbage about 60%. The cost of steel and concrete structures cost is insignificant. The total investment is a high-rise building projects, accounting for about 50% of the project cost, construction cost accounting for less than 30% of the project cost, therefore, steel proportion of the total investment in less than 15%. Although steel is 10% to 20% higher than the cost of reinforced concrete, steel but lower labor, foundation treatment costs, gotta say steel project cost is slightly higher than the concrete structure; if you consider shorter duration brought Rent income, the loan period is short, the cost of steel and concrete structures will not be much difference.

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