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Steel housing is lofty and realistic choice
China Enterprise Confederation steel steel prices published report shows that take place in the first half of listed steel companies large losses, net profit narrowed sharply into late August further exacerbated the extent of losses. Some people think that steel overcapacity, excessive inventory affect profits in the latter part of the steel industry, some people think the deeper reason is that China's economic slowdown, the market demand is low. From construction steel may be able to find a way to proceed.
Foreign construction steel accounted for 10% -30% of steel production, with an annual output of 700 million tons of steel computing China, 10% is 70 million tons. However, China is now an annual construction volume of steel was 3,000 million tons (excluding steel). The United States, Japan popularity of these steel buildings, steel consumption has reached 30% of steel production. Cause such a big gap between one of the reasons is the extensive use of the relevant government departments for structural steel buildings do not pay attention, no incentives. If you put more steel into the middle of a chain, we will find that it is a steel upstream and downstream is the developer and the people, the steel structure in the middle of the most critical aspects, but rather the State for this critical link For a long time there has been no clear policy support, which also led to the steel companies has not formed much of the scale (and other building industry giants compared to). According to association statistics, corporate annual steel processing capacity in 2011 ranked the industry forefront of 790,000 tons, before entering the industry, 30 enterprises with an annual output of steel processing capacity of 14-50 million tons of steel this statistic in the entire construction industry in It is negligible.
In April this year, the Department of Housing and Urban Ministry of Finance jointly issued a green building subsidies, among them steel construction, which for the steel industry is a boon. Because our country is currently only on the protection of housing construction is a huge amount to 30 kilograms per square meter of steel -50 kilograms, it is an astronomical figure, if used in the commercial field, it would be a huge market. With the maturing of China's steel housing technology, large-scale promotion imperative steel housing, steel companies should pay attention and to seize this opportunity.
Steel is the blood industry, steel is a strategic national resource. Although the current China Steel serious surplus, but in the long run or shortages. The relative scarcity of high-quality iron ore resources, iron ore mainly rely on imports. From the perspective of the future development of the consideration of national savings, hidden in steel construction, hidden steel to the people, it should be a good way. Great potential for energy saving
Construction of residential multi-spot production methods, the construction materials, transport equipment construction sites, site work, construction process unchanged for decades. This traditional mode of production differences due to differences in the management level and quality of personnel, resulting in a prominent site material waste, site management extensive, serious waste of water and electricity, waste disposal and treatment mismanagement. According to the association on the part of the real estate business survey, more than 50% of the residential development project duration can not be guaranteed, there is no schedule to hand over the contract period; there are more than 30% of the project cost breakthrough contract price, duration and cost breakthroughs cause developers to invest increased costs, and ultimately increase the cost of this part of the inevitably passed on to consumers, which is also an important reason for the boost of high prices. Meanwhile, a large number of on-site construction work, since the on-site control, testing links weakening of inferior materials entering the site, the scene of jerry behavior opens the door to engineering quality laid the invisible risks.

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