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Under the dome, steel works has become a trend
In recent years, development of steel construction support policies have been put, green building already risen to the height of the national strategy. National authorities have issued "on the Development and Reform Commission forwarded the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction Green Building program of action" and other documents to encourage the development of green building. It raised the proportion of "second five" new buildings in the town in 2015 to reach 20% of green building standards in 2013 issued a "green building action plan" in. And the release of last year's "new national urbanization plan (2014-2020)", then further raised to 2020 in the proportion of urban green building new buildings increased to 50%.
With related programs, implement and promote green building planning and policy support is expected to usher in rapid development. According to the National Resources and Environment Committee of the CPPCC Population Survey shows that Chinese civil construction in the building materials production, construction, use, energy consumption of 49.5% of total social consumption. Among them, the residential construction per square meter steel consumption 55 kg, 10% -15% higher than in developed countries, per cubic meter more than in developed countries consume 80 kilograms of cement. The development of more environmentally friendly, high-quality steel material without delay, also received strong support given by the government. Compared with the traditional architecture, the advantages of steel construction that have short construction period, energy-saving, the environmental construction, can be recycled, and good seismic performance, is a globally recognized green building materials. At present, China construction steel penetration is low, with the proportion of green building in new buildings continue to improve, will bring a huge amount of demand for construction steel, the market prospect is broad.

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