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Under the haze, we steel industry what to do?
China recently rainy, but the air quality is not good, the haze situation is serious, and issued an orange alert. Under the haze, the steel industry that we do?
"Haze" word for ordinary people in China who have not unfamiliar, haze on human health hazards we all a little understanding. So in addition to coal, oil, cars and other sources will cause the outside air pollution, even more frightening, what is it? The answer is a high-energy consumers.
In recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of housing construction has been continuously published a number of policy: the full implementation of large public buildings have green building standards. Although the state has stepped up to the green eco-city support, but our green building development is still slow, the most important reason is that the higher cost of green building, it is difficult to bring additional economic value. For this reason, green buildings need to use economic leverage to pry, wisdom entire construction industry to explore cost control methods. At the same time, to guide the public focus on green building, innovative green building a new business model.
First, the play of green building technologies systematize, and expand green building economic benefits. In this highly competitive market economy, costs and benefits of restricting the development of enterprises. If the cost of green building down or put up benefits of green building, green building development will truly embark on a rapid and robust way. Therefore, countries need to promote positive interaction between building the whole industry chain, promote the healthy development of green buildings. Since the countries for the development of green building, we see the whole industry chain are seeking to develop various aspects of green products, but it is difficult to be accepted by the entire market chain. Only break every link alone, in order to promote green building developers are keen to do. Finally, the government needs to popularize and promote public awareness of green building, improve the added value of green building.

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