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Hot chamber die casting machine clamping device and working steps

The hot chamber die casting machine is mainly composed of a clamping device, a hydraulic transmission system, an electric control system and an injection device during the production process. The clamping device of the hot chamber die casting machine mainly realizes the opening and opening operation. And the function of locking the mold and ejecting the product. It mainly consists of a fixed seat plate, a movable seat plate, a drawbar, a clamping hydraulic cylinder, an ejection mechanism, a mold adjustment device, and a safety door.

The hydraulic transmission system of the hot chamber die casting machine is mainly to transmit power through various hydraulic components and circuits, thereby realizing various operating procedures. It mainly consists of hydraulic pump, lock/open mold hydraulic cylinder and ejector hydraulic pressure. Cylinder, cylinder hydraulic cylinder, injection hydraulic cylinder, various control valves, accumulators, fuel tanks, coolers, hydraulic oil and so on.

The electrical control system of the hot chamber die casting machine ensures that the machine works according to the predetermined pressure, speed, temperature and time to a certain extent. It is mainly composed of an electric motor and various electrical components, instruments and electrical circuits. When the shot hammer is raised, the molten metal in the crucible enters the press chamber of the pot through the inlet of the pot. After the mold is clamped, the molten metal is filled along the passage from the nozzle head to the die-casting mold cavity. In the solidification molding, the injection hammer is lifted up, the casting is taken out, the casting is completed, and a die-casting chamber of the die-casting cycle hot-chamber die-casting machine and the injection punch are immersed in the molten metal, and the injection chamber is passed through the gooseneck and the die-casting type. The gates are connected.

Hot chamber die casting machine working steps

1. The machine head plate and mold sprue sleeve are tightly attached to the nozzle (some machines do not have this program)

2. Close the mold.

3. When the injection punch is in the position of the figure, the molten metal will enter the space in the pouring pot from the side opening, and the liquid level in the gooseneck passage 6 and the liquid level in the furnace will flow after the person flows. Flush.

4. The injection punch of the hot chamber die casting machine moves down at a slower injection speed to seal the side holes.

5. The injection punch of the hot chamber die casting machine pushes the molten metal at high speed, and passes through the gooseneck passage 6, the nozzle 5. the sprue 4 of the mold, the flow divider 3, and fills the mold cavity from the inner gate 2, Then it solidifies into the die casting 1 .

6. The injection punch is lifted, and the metal liquid in the nozzle and the gooseneck channel is returned to the pouring pot;

7. Open the mold, leave the die casting and gate on the moving mold. Then eject and remove the die casting;

8. The machine head plate and the mold sprue cover leave the nozzle (some machines do not have this procedure, and at this point, a die casting cycle is completed.

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